Juul van der Laan

loves to make films*.

She’s been doing it for a while now. The rumours are true, she is quite the geek. But that’s okay.

Want to get to know more about her and collaborate to realise something grand? Send her a message!


* television, shorts and creative commercial content too!


  • contactme @ juulvanderlaan.nl
  • Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands








Some other work

  • Research Grote Vragen (VPRO)
    Episode Miranda Cheng

    Episode Nadine Akkerman
  • Research Labyrint (VPRO/NTR)
    8 episodes

  • Research Mind of the Universe (VPRO)

  • Creative Producer KPN, Coca-Cola, AkzoNobel, a.o.

  • Associate Producer OXI (Scape Ltd.)

  • Teaching International Documentary Film courses (UvA/CREA)

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