Multiverse Ghana

Documentary film (60″)

Ever thought ‘the dark continent’ doesn’t harbour genius? Think again.


And let’s ditch that name, if anything, it should be called the bright continent, it’s plentiful.





I visited Ghana to see what African scientists were up to




Dr. ir. Birgit Boogaard
Kuwona – Advice, Training & Illustrations
Guest lecturer African Philosophy at Wageningen University

I’ve used the beautiful documentary ‘Multiverse. Sciences from Africa’ by Juul van der Laan during the course African Philosophy at Wageningen University. It shows inspiring examples of innovative and influential Ghanaian researchers – like prof. Francis Allotey and prof. David Millar – who create a diversity of sciences by combining indigenous knowledge with modern-day sciences. This is no easy task and the documentary rightfully shows some of the challenges faced by these researchers.

Moreover, this documentary will bring ‘a bit of Africa’ into your lecture room, because Juul van der Laan managed to capture a ‘genuine African atmosphere’

by including traditional Ghanaian music and proverbs. Hence, this documentary is strongly suitable for educational purposes!




Henk Haenen, PhD
Intercultural Philosophy, African Philosophy (VU Amsterdam)


“I can recommend Multiverse Ghana: a film that will broaden and deepen our understanding”

At the same time the movie is challenging us Westerners. We can look in a mirror and ask ourselves which African attitudes to nature, society and techniques enable us to enrich our Western concepts and procedures to attain cultural advancement without the enormous risks of destabilizing the balances of nature, society and history.”



This film was screened at

De Balie, Amsterdam

INSCIENCE film festival, Nijmegen

The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, Accra

CIKOD, Accra

Dutch Embassy, Accra

various Universities

ISVW, Leusden

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In fond memory of Prof. Francis K. Allotey


Prof. Allotey in 2013 at his house in Accra

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